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Our one unifying position – We can do better!

Pishkesh Market is a destination for a new kind of a market economy. We plan to measure our success with how well we harmonize our efforts with the collective intelligence, energy, and prosperity of all the stakeholders, and the degree to which we help to transform communities.

Our drive is rooted in intention and purpose vs just profits. We think it is a more equitable way of doing business that can transform mass consumption into an act of solidarity, one product at a time.  

We strongly believe what we focus our energy on grows. So, we made a choice. Instead of sitting around and becoming discouraged by the evil in the world, we chose to rise up, shift our focus, and channel our energy on all the right things about this world, its potentials, and all the wonderful people who are motivated by a similar perspective across all cultures.

Our journey starts in Iran and the next stop will be in Mid-America as we take steps toward showing the world that we can do better. Let's focus on what we have in common and cultivate peace and prosperity for all, because everyone matters, there is plenty to go around, and hand in hand we are stronger together.