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Pishkesh was started to honor our Iranian heritage and revere the influence of Kansas sensibilities, a New York supercalifragilisticexpialidocious state of mind, and the free spirit of Los Angeles.

The name Pishkesh was chosen in honor of our grandmother’s graceful manners. The most literal translation for this term is “gifting.” However, when expressed, it has a more profound connotation.

Things can get lost in translation so the best way to articulate this is as such …

Whenever a compliment was granted to our grandmother about her attire, jewelry, or anything else that was of material, she would say, "pishkesh," and would extend the object as a gift to make clear that the material object has no value compared to the value of the person granting the compliment. The graceful response would, of course, be to decline the offer and simply say, "thank you."

Our grandmother did not have a formal college education but her heart had the highest degree of humanity and the influence of her kindness still plays a big role in our lives to date. Because of her, we have been influenced to stand up for kindness and of course to be witty and fall into grace when all else fails.